Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Item 0016
Name: Basic Smocked Tube Dress

Price: RM30

Special Price to Poodeekat Customers: RM25

Colour: White, Purple, Black, Baby Pink

Size: UK4-UK8

Status: SOLD OUT!!

Here comes our basic smocked dress, ideal for casual day out & even when you hit to the club. Pair it with shorts, cardigans, leggings and what not. Indulge in your creativeness in fashion & flaunt it to the world

PS: Sorry for not modeling the other colours, we are really busy with our schedule. Anyway please refer to the font colour to check the other two colours available yeah

Well hello there, didn't expect that our previous items had sold out in a short period of time. Millions of thank you-u-u-s to all to those who purchased our items and also to those who came by and visited our site

So this will be Poodeekat's last update until mid of December as we're preparing ourselves for our upcoming examination. Do wish us luck yeah and in the mean time enjoy our apparels we brought in just for u

Item 0014
Name: Floral Essence Satin Maxi (Halter)

Price: RM50

Colour: White + Red, White + Turquoise

Size: UK6-UK10

Status: left one White + Red

Item 0015
Name: Serenity Floral Satin Maxi

Price: RM50

Colour: White + Red (Design similar to Item 0014), White + Turquoise (As seen In Picture), Yellow + Red

Size: UK6-UK10

Status: SOLD OUT!!!

Item 0016
Name: Elegant'e Satin Maxi

Price: RM55

Colour: Black (as seen in the picture), White (similar to Design item 0014), Grey

Size: UK6-UK10

Status: SOLD OUT!!

Maxi Maxi Maxi!!! Don't you just love maxi.

In conjunction with year end holidays, we know some of you girls might plan to have vacation to go to the island, and these Maxi will come in handy to add up to your luggage bag. Our troop able to get hold of the supplier to get these gorgeous Maxi. And need we say more it's made of Satin & thus the quality is 100% satisfactory.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

We are back :D

Thousand of apologies to our dear customers for our lo
ng disappearance. Been busy with hectic college life and long vacation out of town. We're delighted to tell you that during our vacation, we came across to few gorgeous items. But since our time is so limited, we're only able to post 2 of the items for now.

Item 0013
Name: Stripey Shorts (ALL RESERVED)

-Front view without flash-

-Back View With Flash-

Price: RM28

Colour: Stripey Dark Grey

Size: S, M, L

Measurement (laid flat):

S - 9.9" length, 14.6" waist, 16.3" width
M - 10.3" length, 15.2" waist, 16.7" width
L - 10.7" length, 15.8" waist, 17.1" width

Status: Available (All S & L reserved, one M left)

Our very first short pants which we search high and low for such lovely piece with good thick material and the most important thing is with affordable price. These shorts are not restockable.
Item 0012 (ALL RESERVED)
Name: Basic Round Neck Top

Price: RM28

Colour: Angelic Off-White, Finding Nemo Orange, Gill Moorish Idol Blue

Size: XS, S, M, L

Status (Updated at 11.45pm) XS All Reserved
S Left Nemo Orange
M All reserved
L One more left for White & Blue, All reserved for orange

Are those tops seem familiar? Well, let us refresh your memory. These tops are similar to the one you always see in G2000 where it costs RM45 for one piece and 2 pieces for RM69. However, Poodeekat-Meow is able to find the similar top with the similar material too which is lycra. We used to be a fan of those tops (as you can see our model in item 0011 has the white top where she bought from G2000) but they were quite pricey for such simple top. So now we managed to get hold of such similar top for much lower price and we kept few pieces for ourselves. Hurry up and place your orders girls as these items are not restockable.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Item 0011
Name: Floral-icious Multi Skirt

Price: RM34

Colour: White with Black Floral Prints

Size: UK4-UK8

Status: Available


Presenting our FIRST batch of skirt that we have brought in for fashion-mama-sita out there. The prints on the skirt is so gorgeous that we could not simply ignore but to put them on sale. This skirt is so multi-purpose as you can wear this skirt for both casual & also to work. *squeals* If you've hang out session with your good old friends after your office hour, you could just simply change your formal blouse to a simple casual top, and you're almost ever-ready for that outing. How great is that?!! And trust us this skirt is really good in quality & thus its worth every penny of yours to splurge on this skirt. So quick and grab this eye-catching skirt before it's too late

Item 0010
Name: Pussy-Cat Little Black Dress ala Audrey Hepburn

-complimentary golden sash-

Price: RM55

Colour: Elegant-Black

Material: Satin

Size: UK6-UK10(small)

Status: Available but only limited left

Looking for an evening wear which doesn't look over-dramatic but yet it's chic and elegant?
Looking for a purr-fect little black dress that is totally couture onto your body?
Looking for a dress which is of a high quality but at a reasonable price?

Fret not!!

Here we are, bringing you this black dress which suits from formal evening occasions to a night out in clubs after the evening occasions (Well, that's what most of the prom night usual activity right?) We'll be giving a complimentary golden sash to pair with this dress which just gives an additional elegant look. Or if you would want to be more creative, you could pair this dress with your favourite clincher. Challenge your sense of style in fashion and make other girls jealous with your choice of clothing. A very good quality dress which is made of satin which costs only RM55 - what a steal-
Item 0007 part II :
Name: Embroidered Mother Nature Smocked Tube Dress

Price: RM36

Colours: Dashing Black, Dark Charcoal-ic, Dark Pinky-Red, Angelic Off White

Size: UK4-UK10(small)

Status: All available except Dark Pinky-Red all SOLD OUT & one reserved , Angelic Off White(SOLD OUT)

Yes this dress is back again but with NEW colours for this batch which explains the part II of this smocked tube dress. There's no need for us to make anymore description bout this lovely dress. Do grab this dress while stock lasts. Limited stocks available

Monday, July 28, 2008

Item 0009
K-9 Pooch Handbag -woof woof-

Price: RM79 (comes with a dustbag)
RM72 for Poodeekat Customers

Colours: Oak Tree Brown, Happy Little Sunshine Yellow Orangie

Measurement: Two DVD cover

Material: Leather Like but NOT genuine leather -strictly high quality-

Status: All Colours Available (Limited Edition = Limited Stock)

Updated on 30 July 2008: 2 Brown SOLD, 1 brown left, 1 Yellow SOLD, 1 left, 1 Reserved

Updated on 2 August 2008: 1 Brown Reserved, 2 Yellow Reserved

Yes Girls,

We've bring in our greatest rival to put on sale in this CAT site. We know there're myths saying that CATs & DOGs are seemed to be the two creatures that will never get along together. But we just cant simply put our personal matters when it comes to business & satisfying our dear customers as this handbag is just too hard to resist to be our very first handbag on sale

We know your first impression was

"What the crap?? RM79 for a bag from an online shop?? This shop must be doing some major cut-throat session"

But WAIT!!!!

Give us a chance to explain why are we charging this price for this handbag. In the beginning when we were scouting around for new collection of clothes to put up on this site, and we stumbled upon this bag, and it was like LOVE at first sight (and trust us we're not over exaggerating) cos it's so Agatha!!! The quality of this bag is so refined & its worth every penny of yours to invest in this handbag. Carrying this handbag is like putting a statement to the world out there that you're different from others as you're carrying a very unique handbag & you'll make other girls go green on you to have such gorgeous bag. You can carry this bag as a handbag & also as a sling bag, oh gosh this is getting really interesting.

This bag is spotted in a bag shop nearby Secret Recipe, Sunway Pyramid. It's selling at RM89.90 NETT. And now we're selling for only RM79, what a STEAL!! *squeals*

And yes, as we have said in the previous post that there'll be special promotion for our Poodeekat-Meow customers who had purchased our items before. So here it goes girls!!!

To our valued customers, this is our way to express our gratitude for purchasing our items & having faith on our items. So for this handbag, you're entitled to get it for RM72 only, another STEAL price? Well hell yeah!!

So quickly grab this handbag before it's too late, and don't say that we didn't tell you girls, that this handbag is not-restockable!! Don't hesitate to purchase this item

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Item 0008
Bejeweled Smocked Tube Dress

Price: RM39

Colours: Dashing Black, Marshie Mallow Pink, Angelic Off White

Size: UK4-UK10(small)

Status: All colours available



This dress is something similar to the Item 0007, well in fact it's almost the same. The difference is just the design of the dress. Smocked tube dress has always been a warm welcome and the previous dress (item 0007) was selling like hotcakes. Well as the previous dress is more suitable for an island escapade, this dress in the other hand is made purely for the girls who are thinking of hitting to the clubs & also for dinner in an exquisite restaurant. So girls, what are you waiting for? Grab this gorgeous dress quick before it runs out of stock